Physical Rehab

Physical Rehabilitation is to assist patients who have experienced major changes in physical function after an injury, illness or life change. Not only do we help provide immediate relief, but we also prepare patients to maintain their independence and mobility.

With physical rehab, we evaluate the patient’s condition and expectations to create an individualized treatment plan without surgery. Here at Vardy HPC, we take the entire body into account, in order to pinpoint various issues the patient may be struggling with. Our goal is to restore natural musculoskeletal function.

Physical rehab is for all kinds of patients who are suffering from pain or limited function – not just those who are recovering from surgery or an injury. For example, patients whose excess weight makes it difficult for them to exercise, or women who face new challenges to their physical function after childbirth or menopause. We encourage you to make an appointment so we can assess your unique situation.

We tailor treatment plans to gradually help the patient recover and stay healthy. Our approach may involve stretches, massage or strengthening exercises. At Vardy HPC, we do our best to find solutions without resorting to surgery or pain prescriptions. Our goal is to get the body to a healthy state as naturally as possible.

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