Women’s Health

A woman’s body has a special structure and physiology that can create certain challenges that are uniquely hers. Hormonal fluctuations and pregnancy not only affect women in the present, but can also cause difficulties over the years as they age. Women also tend to be more susceptible to headache pain, osteoporosis and joint disease.

At Vardy HPC, we’re here to address women’s health needs. We value treating the body as an integrated system, and finding other solutions besides drugs or surgery. We want to restore the body’s natural function and that includes lifestyle coaching, nutritional programs, exercise and adjustments or treatments.

Pregnancy and Menstrual Cycles

Hormonal fluctuations can cause headaches, backaches or bloating. During pregnancy, women also experience weight gain, postural changes and even fallen arches. Chiropractors can help strengthen and protects bones, nerves, joints and muscles.


At Vardy HPC, we can also treat headaches, low back pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. We offer manual adjustments, acupuncture, massage and more. We want to relieve pain, and address your overall health.

Aging and Menopause

Many women are caregivers, and ongoing stress can cause fatigue and muscle tightness. Over time, pressure  on nerves may impact many different areas such as digestion and metabolism. Fallen arches during pregnancy can cause knee or problems later in life. We take these multiple issues into account to create the most accurate diagnosis.

Here at Vardy HPC, we want to get to you and understand the full picture of how you’re feeling and why. We want to bring back your body’s natural healthy state.


We Maximize Everyone's Health Potential