Dr. Don Torino, DC (Coverage Doctor)

Dr. Torino has been practicing chiropractic for thirty-one years.  His chiropractic journey began in private practice in Vermont for eleven years, before transitioning to North Carolina, where he found the unique opportunity to provide office coverage for other North Carolina chiropractors when they are away from their office.  Over the course of those twenty years, he has covered more than 150 distinct practices, and typically adjusts over 10,000 patients every year!

Dr. Torino has post graduate certifications in sports injuries and extremity adjusting, and is highly proficient in many chiropractic techniques, including Pro-adjuster.  In his “spare time”, Dr. Torino attended law school here in North Carolina, graduating summa cum laude and first in his class, and remains a licensed attorney in the state.  Luckily for us, his passion remains chiropractic!

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